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Allah hs promsd sch f u who believe n do gud deeds dat He ll surely mak dm 2 succeed (d presnt rulers) in d earth He caused those b4 dm 2 succeed(othz); n He ll surely establish fr dm dr relign whch He hs aproved fr dm,n ll gve in exch safty n dr fear.

Group Founder: mehdi603
Description: In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.Assalamu Alikum Warahmatullah Dear brothers n sistrs in Islam .. Welcome to The MuslimCommunity (MC) group, Feel free to add topics, the only condition is that they should be related to 'Muslims' somehow. The main topics of our group which are constantly updated are: Holy Quran, Daily Hadith, Muslim News, General Chat box etc, In the topic 'links to the topics' the links of all important topics are given. FILE section of our community is really interesting, you can browse through some great books written by some eminent scholars of Islam like Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, Dr. Zakir Naik, Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips etc, in addition to this you will find the PICTURES of some Great Islamic Personalities and Islamic mobile ringtones etc. In the links section a lot of important links have been added, you can browse through them and add some links by yourself too, Go in the POLL section to add a poll or parti te in an already existing Poll. KEEP A CONSTANT TOUCH WITH THE 'MUSLIM COMMUNITY' post at the religion and beliefs forum. wassalam
Group Type: Public join
Members: 1019
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Islam

Topics (466)

go General Chat Box [1503] salam05
go five (5) rulees to live happier life (0) jaidy
go Unlimited Web Hosting and Band Width (1) m.raza
go New convert to Islam (2) abdulghaffaar
go Islamic Stories To Brighten Your Day. :) (6) figtree
go Misconceptions regarding shab e barat (0) sss_999
go Islamic Groups (1) sss_999
go Rewards of the Believers. (0) mudy0one
go Y MUSLIM MARRY TO SISTER (15) vivek_v
go EID MUBARAK... (3) vivek_v
go i m back (4) mehdi603
go Muslim community (0) kacee1
go Somalia: nevermind (1) part4

Photos (88)

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Files (190)

1 Names of Allah
2 allah name
3 Names of Allah
4 Proud 2 b muslim
5 Pic
6 Surah al-Kahf
7 masjid nabavi at night
8 Ka''aba at night
9 Barack Obama hopenosis
10 Taraweeh. 20 or 11?
11 ''''Zayed al wafa'''' by Ahmed Bukhatir [Audio only]
12 ''''lin antaleq'''' by Ahmed bukhatir
13 IbnJibreen
14 Sh. Ibn Baz [r]
15 Tawheed


Polls (14)

go Do you read Quraan everyday when you are out of Salaah?
go about allah?
go How n why did the shias emerged in the world?
go R u think Ahmdies(Qdianes)work for the development of islam.
go What is your primary source for islamic studies?
go Whats the most important?
go Why is the word jihad so misinterpreted?
go Which of the following is your favourite subject?
go Hw a Muslim can contribute 2 spread his Deen?
go young generation is mooving away from islam becoz of
go The first thing Islam wants from you is
go Whats the main Reason behind the Disunity amongst Muslims?
go The Meaning of Islam is!
go What do you consider the most important condition for being a true muslim


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