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go Free web hosting and Wordpress blog hosting only for Islamic web sites.
go Amar ma'ruf nahi munkar
go Hundreds of Islamic audio lectures and Durus in English (mp3) --- Islamhouse
go Study material on Islam and Comparative religion --- RasoulAllah.net
go A Discussion forum only for sisters
go Kashmir Jihad
go Load-Islam.com -- Misconceptions and Refutations
go Load-islam.com -- Discover Islam
go 100 Inventions
go Muslim-Heritage --- Muslim Contributions to Civilization
go Load-Islam --- Contains a big list of Quranic verses and hadith that are most commonly misquoted by Islamophobes and addresses them
go The inimitable quran --- provides great arguments regarding the supernatural eloquence of the Qur'an
go Islamic-answers --- Refuting some misconceptions
go Muslim-responses --- Answering missionaries. Contains many useful articles that are written in a very logical and simplified manner for the reader. The articles are written more in an informal way
go Bismikallahumma --- Answering some misconcepions. contains some excellent articles, while most of the others are very good. Strongly recommended site
go Islamic-awareness --- Scholarly refutation of orientalists and missionaries
go The Creed of Islam
go Islamic Network --- Good Articles on Islam
go IslamOnline.net -- News, Fatwa, Politics and many things related to Islam.
go Kalamullah - Islamic Books, Articles, Lectures etc


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