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Subject: General Chat Box
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salam05 8.12.08 - 04:54am

As the name show, u can do here what ever u want, irrelevent to other topics. U can also chat here. Anythin irrelevent to other topics. Any info or any announcement, any adverti t related to muslim n islam etc. *

hamza08 8.12.08 - 04:56am
Can i do this (chairshot), lol *

mishy_23 8.12.08 - 05:00am
Wat do you ppl think abt Tableeg Jamaat?? I dont knw y im asking dis bt i just felt lyk asking...i want answeres btw. *

hamza08 8.12.08 - 05:00am
I guess yes as far as i dont put somebodys eye out with that thing lol *

salam05 8.12.08 - 05:02am
U can't do this as it'll cause some prob between jmi n amu. That is bcz in reply i'll do this (punch) *

hamza08 8.12.08 - 05:02am
I wonder will our more than 100 members post here something or will they just try to learn how to chair shot lol.. *

salam05 8.12.08 - 05:04am
I'll be lazy for sometime. Im busy in work. Im preparin for tomorrow.lol *EID MUBARAK* *

mishy_23 8.12.08 - 05:04am
Cumon i asked sth. . . Or shud i open a different topic? *

hamza08 8.12.08 - 05:05am
that was not for jmi , it was for our more than 100 members lol to remind them to post something ATLEAST HERE . lol to *

mishy_23 8.12.08 - 05:06am
EID MUBARAK EVERYBODY. Takabal ALLAHU minna wa minkum. *

hamza08 8.12.08 - 05:08am
Ya ya EID MUBARAK, as far as ur qustn is concerned sistr it is a Loong DEBATE . Believe me it is not that much easy to discuss it all in one line *

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